What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that targets areas of the body affected by excess weight and cellulite. The procedure can also be effective in relation to body contouring and face/neck rejuvenation.


What does the procedure involve?

A number of small injections are used to direct a mixture of FDA approved medicines, vitamins and minerals into the mesoderm (layer of fat and tissue underneath the skin).

The composition of the injections we provide will always be selected in accordance with the specifics of each unique case, with different formulas being used depending on the area being treated.

Ten reasons to choose mesotherapy

1. Natural looking results

We have all seen the pictures of injectable or surgical treatments that have gone wrong, leaving parts of the body looking strange or even disfigured. This never occurs with mesotherapy – clients are left with natural looking results.

2. Non-surgical

Surgery isn’t always required for those wishing to improve their aesthetic appearance. Mesotherapy is the best non-surgical treatment for weight-loss and can improve skin health in ways that surgery never will.

3. Natural ingredients

Mesotherapy feeds the skin with vital nutrients, many of which already exist in the body and have vital functions for maintaining cellular health. The mesotherapy solutions we provide at Skin Appeal are professionally manufactured to be easily accepted by the cells – preventing them from becoming damaged.

4. Long-lasting results

More often than not, results that have been obtained quickly, will also diminish quickly. Mesotherapy is designed to reverse the physiology of aesthetic conditions, the result is progressive improvement – once all treatment objectives have been achieved, the effects will be long-lasting.

5.  Affordable

When using the traditional mesotherapy products such as World Dermic solutions, the treatment cost is significantly lower for the clinician – this means that treatments can be offered to clients at very affordable prices.

6.  Low pain or painless

Thanks to improvements in mesogun technology, less cellular damage takes place around the injection points. Several different electrical, transdermal delivery options are becoming available so clients are much less likely to experience pain during and after mesotherapy procedures.

7.  Easy-to-maintain results

At Skin Appeal Clinic, we make recommendations throughout the course of mesotherapy treatments so that we can better educate clients regarding long-term health improvements.

For example, a patient undergoing a course of weight-loss mesotherapy will be asked to follow a low carbohydrate diet, introducing more carbohydrates as their treatment progresses. In the final week of the treatment course, they will eating normally again but with a greater awareness of the foods they should avoid in order to maintain the results.

8.  Little or no recovery time required

In most cases, our patients can return to their normal activities immediately. With injectable mesotherapy treatments, some small bruises may be apparent for a day or two but there are no side-effects that will stop clients continuing their lives as normal.

9.  Fast treatment

Most procedures are complete in about 20 minutes, making them quick and convenient.

10. Versatile and effective

Mesotherapy’s popularity is mainly due to the fact that it can be effective in improving a variety of skin conditions as well as offering fat reduction / weight-loss benefits.

Skin Appeal are one of just a handful of clinics in Merseyside that are able to provide mesotherapy treatments as an alternative to dermal fillers and Botox.